Unusual Color Combos for Your Home

When it is time to paint your home, you may instantly think about the ordinary, tried-and-true color palettes that have comfortably decorated homes for generations already. These colors are safe, after all, and lessen the risk of disaster. But, sometimes it is worth taking a risk and thinking outside the box. When you want a unique, fresh space, unique colors and color combinations can make an impact that you’ll appreciate.

When you hire a house painter louisville, he can help you design unique color combinations that let you do your thing with your style. Although painting the home using the unique colors may be a bit costlier than painting with traditional colors, few would say the costs are not worth the extra expense for the fun ambiance that is created. Although there are a slew of possibilities, the following color combinations are some that may surprise you but nonetheless delight you when designing your home’s color palette.

Turquoise & Orange

Complimentary colors always work well together in any combination or form. These two colors certain enhance each other wonderfully. They’re great colors to add to a home office, kitchen, or even a living room that you want to implore happiness.

Pink & Red

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These two colors are close on the color wheel and some would think they’d clash as result. But, just the opposite is true and the two colors mesh wonderfully together, adding a brilliant boast of colors to small and large spaces throughout the home.

Lime Yellow & Lime Green

Bring the citrus together in the kitchen, the home office, or other room of your choosing and bring the fun, retro vibe right into your home. These fun, spunky colors make any area feel good.

Tons of unusual combinations can make your home pop! Let your inspiration and creativity soar.