4 Reasons Your AC Isn’t Working

Whether your air conditioner fails to cool each room in the home, makes loud noises, or isn’t working whatsoever, you need a professional to make a fast repair. Failure to respond to AC problems worsens the issue and costs more to make the repair later down the line. You can also prevent some of the major concerns homeowners experience with the air conditioning unit by scheduling preventive maintenance regularly.

There are a few reasons why the AC malfunctions and stops cooling the home properly. Some of the most common of those reasons include:

1- Dirty Filters

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You’ve heard how important it is to change the filters in the AC. Did you know failure to listen could result in an AC system that no longer works. Change the filters monthly, or as recommended in your owner’s manual, to prevent risk.

2- Age of the Unit

All AC units have maximum lifetimes. Do not expect them to perform past this time. Furthermore, it is only expected that you’ll experience some problems the older the unit gets. Decide when you should initiate air conditioning repair conroe tx and when it is best for a replacement.

3- Broken Thermostat

If the thermostat breaks, you won’t be able to control the AC unit and the temperature in the home. You won’t be able to turn the unit on or off, either. This is an easy replacement, fortunately, but likely needs a professional to perform adequately.

4- Inadequate Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, you want to have a professional come out to the home for inspection and maintenance service each year. This is a cost-effective way to reduce the need for repair and to minimize heat hassles during the summer. A properly cared for unit is one that will thank you throughout the summer heat.